The Last Jupiter Pluto conjunction 2020

View across Lake Bled to the island church and clifftop castle from Ojstrica, Slovenia.

The grand and final conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto for 2020 has commenced. In addition, Mars, being very frustrated in retrograde motion is back to moving forwards over the weekend.

Let’s re-trace the first conjunction which happened at the beginning of April and the magnitude of the pandemic permeated every corner of our lives.  It’s the concentration of the cardinal archetype that we felt most of all. Jupiter magnifies everything it touches, whereas Pluto sweeps away the rug from under our feet. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, constricts, puts a tight pressure on everything and at the collective level we clearly saw how it panned out.

In June, the conjunction was in retrograde phase and the right time to revalue the lessons being learned in the spring.

Now we are closing in this aspect for the last time and for many it has been a tumultuous ride so far. The two planets exposed the rights and wrongs in our society and for good reason. The outdated schooling system failing our students, more corruption and power struggles. It seems our lives are ever so dictated by the authorities beyond our reach. In spite of all this, not everything seems bleak and without hope. In the end Saturn’s function to squeeze always yields results. The new form is slowly being born.

Perhaps we should wait until after the New Year when Saturn begins a new cycle with Jupiter in the social sign of Aquarius. Until then, the old, obsolete forms as we know them are dying. Pluto, on the other hand, is also contributing to this dynamic. At the end of this process we always come out stronger and wiser. This difficult shift has to precede the change in order for the new collective to arise.

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In our own lives we are wrapping up the old structures and inner dynamics that no longer serve our purpose. In so doing, we can be more easily guided by our dreams and visions.

The Sabian symbol for the last Jupiter Pluto conjunction is “A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat”.

It’s a poignant symbolism for our endurance. In the end our efforts and struggles never go unnoticed. The resilient spirit always triumphs.

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