Nika Middleton

Psychological & Evolutionary

Astrology Chart Readings

I offer evolutionary astrology chart readings and astrological counselling
through readings of your natal chart. There are several different types.
Here are a few of the most popular.
If you are looking for something more specific, please contact me.

Natal Chart Readings

Gain insight into your past, present and possible future life with an in-depth reading of your birth chart. This is ideal if you want to search for solutions to a problem, make an important life decision, find your talent or true path, or just simply search for answers to something. An astrology reading of your natal chart can help find the answers.

Synastry chart readings

How compatible are you with others? Sometimes it can be difficult to know just how much you might have in common. Conflicts are often the result of misunderstanding each other. A synastry chart reading can help two people understand each other better. Ideal for couples, friends or business partners.

Readings for your children

Our children are our most precious gifts in life. As parents they look to us for guidance. Understanding your children allows you to help them follow their chosen path. An astrology reading can do this. By delving into yours and your child’s astrological chart, we can learn more about their gifts, talents and understand their interests.

Choose an event date

Need help deciding the best date for a wedding? Or maybe you are planning to start a business and want to find the best time to open. Astrology can help you choose the best time to do this. If the date cannot be changed, then an astrology reading can give some insight into what will be happening astrologically at that time.

In order to get an accurate reading of your chart, I will need the birth dates, time of birth and place of birth.


One Question

Short consultation
  • Ask me one question
  • Based on your chart (s) I will search for the answer
  • A short consultation based on this (max half hour)
  • Online, phone or email

One hour

Full consultation
  • A full one hour chart intepretation
  • An in-depth look at your chart based upon your own personal questions
  • I will study your chart and questions beforehand to prepare for our meeting
  • Online, phone or in person