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In my astrology blog I give insights into current astrological events and how they will affect us all generally.

Start of spring

The wheel of life has reached the end of winter’s slumber and the astrological spring has begun. It is a time when we and nature will also gain new vigor and enthusiasm for creation and action.

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Mars v dvojčkih

Pred nami je dinamičen mesec.

Že zjutraj je Mars zapustil praktične čevlje bika ter se preoblekel v bolj živahnega in zgovornega dvojčka.

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Mars in Gemini

In March, we are headed into a dynamic month. Early in the morning Mars left the practical shoes of Taurus and entered a chatty and

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First Saturn Square Uranus 2021

Tonight is the first of three Saturn-Uranus squares that will dominate the entire year of 2021. It’s an important aspect that shapes our daily lives. The square between the planets is waning and at 7° of fixed signs, Saturn is in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus.

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Vstop Marsa v bika

Mars je vstopil v bolj praktičnega bika. Naše aktivnosti se pričnejo manifestirati. Žene nas nagon po osnovnem preživetju. Vrnili se bomo nazaj k svojim čutom.

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