Sun in Leo. Lions love it too.

Sun in Leo

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At 10:36 (CEDT-2) the Sun returned to its most favourite sign, Leo, where it can express its most bountiful qualities.
The Sun in Leo is proud and loyal with a noble heart. He is a master of his own destiny. Leo knows how to create and eagerly share its success with others. Like a care-free, playful child he is driven by a passion for life and exploration. That’s why we often say he is the child of the zodiac. Driven by an unstoppable spirit and force, everything that Leo touches leaves a mark of radiant and jovial footprints.
Leo is always on track to fulfil its unique purpose here on Earth, always following the trail of joy whether he is part of it or the reason for it. Leo loves praise and flattery for hard work done, and he especially treasures his children who he is always proud of.
Therefore, let’s love life as Leo does. We are now in the centre stage, the height of summer, where we want to experience and rejoice life itself.
To all Leos who are celebrating, may you follow your radiant heart and passion. No matter the adversaries, with a royal stance you defy any obstacles, knowing that a mighty heart will always prevail.
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