Halloween Blue Moon

Halloween Blue Moon

What significence does the Halloween Blue Moon have?

We are wrapping up the month of October with another full moon (first one was at the beginning of the month). When two full moons emerge within a calendar month, we call the second moon a Blue Moon, and this particular moon is especially strong as apart from being a Uranian moon, it also coincides with a unique date, 31st October, the Samhain Eve (Halloween).

According to the old Celtic tradition, the Celts on this day celebrated the end of the old year and gave thanks to the harvest mother Earth so plentifully bestowed. Celts also believed in a more subtle meaning. The veil between both worlds (visible and invisible) is wide open tonight, which connects us with the spiritual world, our ancestors and the messages they wish to pass on to us. 

In addition, based on the Celtic tradition, it is also believed that mythical creatures (leprechauns, fairies, goblins…) surfaced as well. On this night the two worlds become one. The Celts also believed that had you done something to upset the Sidhe (Fairy Folk) at any time throughout the year, they loved to use this night to enact their revenge by playing tricks on anyone who had wronged them. People would disguise themselves in order not to be recognized by these sometimes “evil or mischievous spirits”. Alternatively, they would leave out sweet treats in order to placate them or give thanks for the presence of these spirits. Stemming from this folklore, Halloween arose.

Christian tradition focused more on the spiritual meaning of the Eve. All Hallows Eve, the evening of all holy or All Saints’ Day. In many countries, like Slovenia or Mexico, this tradition is deeply rooted in our cultural heritage. 

A full moon is the peak of the lunar cycle. That’s the reason we felt agitated, frustrated leading up to the full moon. Everything escalated; retrograde Mars and Mercury are enhancing the “electric” energies in the air.

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When electricity is discussed, we are inevitably talking about Uranus, as he is connected to electricity in a literal and figurative sense of the word. Thunderbolt shocks in our society are one of the examples of how Uranus works. Unpredictably and suddenly, he serves the news whether we like it or not. Uranus doesn’t ask, he strikes! Little is it known that Uranus rules over our akashic records, the records of our souls, the abundant bank of everything that our souls have ever done while being reincarnated on Earth.

Hence the triple power of this day: all Hallow Eve (All Saints’ Day), a blue moon on Halloween that amplifies the energies and Uranus which gives us a unique opportunity to reconnect with our akashic records.

Night always holds a special power. Lighting up a candle connects us with fire, the spirit. In this way we pay homage to the souls who are present tonight more than ever, and listen to their silent messages. We can also send requests, prayers to resolve the issues stemming from our ancestor lineage. Options are in abundance. It is also possible that our ancestors wish to pass a message on to us, so let us be ready to hear it!

It is no »coincidence« that the whole process is under the Scorpio realm. Scorpio is a master of depth, soul contracts, karma. Taurus, on the other hand, is his opposite; the sign of our physical body.

Scorpio – Taurus is the bridge between the spiritual and physical world and the reason why today’s full moon in Taurus is so unique and special. Let’s use it well!

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