Nodal Axis – Gemini/Sagittarius

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Tag: sagittarius

Chinese New Year 2020. Year of the rat

New moon in Aquarius

It’s the Chinese New Year 2020 and the Year of the Rat. In the late evening hours the moon completes its monthly cycle and the new moon occurs in the sign of Aquarius.

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Last Quarter in Libra

After weeks of Capricorn’s dominance and intensity, Mercury entered Aquarius yesterday. Together with Venus (currently in Pisces) and Mars (in Sagittarius) Mercury in Aquarius helps

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Great horned owl at Exmoor Falconry , Somerset , England .

New moon in Sagittarius

A new moon represents a new lunar cycle and as such, the new beginnings, projects and goals we set ourselves. At the same time, we may still want to conclude what’s left unfinished as new moons are the ideal time for closure and starting something brand new.

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Sun in Sagittarius

The sun moves into Sagittarius later in the afternoon. What a relief; after a period of Scorpio intensity and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, a ray of light shines through our lives again.

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