The Last Jupiter Pluto conjunction 2020

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Category: Transits

Halloween Blue Moon

Halloween Blue Moon

We are wrapping up the month of October with another full moon (first one was at the beginning of the month). When two full moons emerge within a calendar month, we call the second moon a Blue Moon.

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Saturn goes direct and brings change, including to the weather

Saturn goes Direct

Saturn finishes its retrograde cycle and goes direct for the last time in the sign of Capricorn, the sea goat, reigniting memories from February 2020.

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Libra today, the sun enters the sign of Libra

Sun enters Libra Today

Today our Sun enters Libra, what does this mean? Today the Sun enters Libra and heralds the beginning of autumn in the Northern hemisphere. The

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Mars retrograde 2020

Mars Retrograde in Aires 2020

At twenty-two minutes past midnight the long anticipated Mars retrograde began at 28° Aries. From Earth’s point of view, Mars is now going backwards around our sun.

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Full moon in pisces

Full Moon in Pisces

Astrologically intense months We are entering two astrologically intense months. It began with a full moon in the subtle sign of Pisces. Since yesterday we

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Sun in Leo. Lions love it too.

Sun in Leo

At 10:36 (CEDT-2) the Sun returned to its most favourite sign, Leo, where it can express its most bountiful qualities.

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sunrise over the mist on the Ljubljana Moors (Ljubljansko Barje), a large area of wetland 160 square kilometres in size.

The great Jupiter and Pluto conjunction

The great Jupiter and Pluto conjunction occurred in the early hours at 24° 53’ Capricorn. This is their first conjunction, in June there’s a retrograde phase and then the final direct conjunction at 22° 52’ Capricorn.

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