Capricorn Annular Solar Eclipse

Capricorn Annular Solar Eclipse.

In the morning a Capricorn annular solar eclipse occurred at 4 degrees of Capricorn. It’s in the Saturn ruled-sign of Capricorn and themes of Saturn’s nature come into light: achievements, career, how we wish to be seen in the outside world, wisdom that is often obtained from maturity and a sense of responsibility.

A solar eclipse, in its essence, is a powerful new moon. As such it highlights closures, completions in order for the new to be born. In Capricorn the solar eclipse is strongly aspecting the south node of Capricorn axis and we may be reluctant to begin new things (A Capricorn cardinal archetype is about walking two steps forwards and one back because it’s afraid of changes).

A blessing in disguise comes in the form of Uranus and Jupiter both positively aspecting the eclipse point. Uranus is all about liberating us from the old and stagnant energies (Capricorn) and Jupiter happily joins with the freedom loving and exploring new possibilities of our existences.   

In January 2020, we will soon be heading towards the alignment of Saturn and Pluto, suggesting that we need to work hard to achieve our goal. For now, we are feeling especially hopeful and ready to take on the challenge.  

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