Sun enters Libra Today

Libra today, the sun enters the sign of Libra

Today our Sun enters Libra, what does this mean?

Today the Sun enters Libra and heralds the beginning of autumn in the Northern hemisphere. The image of the scale in Libra also symbolises the equilibrium between day and night. From today onwards nights will grow longer and days shorter. There is a bit of sadness in the air as the Sun fades and each day gets shorter and shorter. That’s because in astrology the Sun falls in Libra and in people with strong Libra signatures we can observe a hint of sadness in them as well.

We still have many retrograde planets, Jupiter was the first to change course last week and is ready to enter Aquarius in the middle of December. Till then it brings a renewed hope and faith for Capricorns and highlights the errors and misjudgements of our governments and authorities around the globe.

The ruler of Libra, Venus, is currently in fiery Leo and stays for the remainder of this month. In Leo Venus is fun, in charge of her creativity and takes centre stage in relationships. Venus is forming a quincunx to Neptune. What values need to be addressed and altered to achieve greater understanding of love? Where do we naively hope and put on our rosy goggles to hide from the truth?  

For the next month not only our relationships but our values are put in the forefront as well. The inner side of Venus is Taurian, the relationship we have to ourselves, what beliefs and needs we acquire to sustain our lives. On the other hand, the Libra side shows us what we need to begin another relationship. Our projections and unresolved issues we often experience in relationship to one another.

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Each Libra season gives us an opportunity to not only examine our relationships but look further into ourselves. How can we improve, heal our inner struggles and not randomly project them onto our relationships and friendships. The journey always begins with one’s self first, everything else is a compliment and a beautiful extension of that unique relationship.

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