Saturn goes Direct

Saturn goes direct and brings change, including to the weather

Saturn finishes its retrograde cycle

After four months of back paddling in Capricorn, Saturn finishes its retrograde cycle and goes direct for the last time in the sign of the sea goat. The degree of Saturn’s station takes us back to the beginning of February 2020. As Saturn goes direct it may reignite the memory and events that happened around that time. In Europe the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic was just around the corner, to refresh our memory.

Also, this is the last time Saturn spends time in Capricorn before entering Aquarius in December.  Next time Saturn visits Capricorn is in 2047 and until then all Capricorns can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s been a trying three years for many.  

What does this represent for us?

Each of us can summarise in own way what Saturn has represented to us in the past three years. Where have we grown via hard work, dedication and reality checks? Saturn knows no short cuts, but long and tenacious work. It can also bring us rewards, who knows, something special that can give us better recognition in the outside world.

The internal structures that we have re-examined in the last four months, e.g. plans and goals can slowly gain momentum now. The first bump in the road is Saturn Mars square. The dynamic force between them can send chills through each of us; frustration, irritation, agitation just to name a few. Quadruple that while Mars is retrograde. The dynamic duo was first active in late August, and today is their second meeting. If something turns sours these days, you’ll know these two had their hands in it and are flexing their muscles to see who wins the day. The next Saturn Mars square is in January 2021 when both planets are direct.   

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Sabian symbol

The Sabian symbol for Saturn station is “a nature spirit dancing in the mist of a waterfall.”

Keywords to ponder:

  • Light-heartedly sailing through life without care or worry.
  • Ignoring responsibilities when needed.
  • Not in touch with reality.
  • It’s OK to dance with the waves of life and embrace life’s challenges. They are there to teach and enrich you.
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sunrise over the mist on the Ljubljana Moors (Ljubljansko Barje), a large area of wetland 160 square kilometres in size.

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