Venus Retrograde 2020

Venus rising at dawn

Rebirth of the morning star

Today was a special day in the sky. While Venus passed very close to the Sun, retrograde Venus was at its closest to Earth. Since the very beginning of its retrograde phase in May, Venus has been increasingly disappearing from the evening sky. With today’s alignment, Sun-Venus-Earth, she is slowly beginning to emerge as the morning star. Up until this moment, Venus has been wrapping up its balsamic phase in which she’s preparing for a renewal; a new phase of becoming. This phase is similar to the waning lunar phase right before the new moon. During that time we experienced it as time to let go of old, outdated patterns which no longer hold any meaning to us on day to day basis. Moreover, old wounds in relationships may surface again; what needs to be resolved and healed.

Themes involving our security, existence and our need to survive are reappearing. Also, questions of the content of our values are placed in the front line; what do we hold dear? How much do we accept ourselves? Where are our personal boundaries that no one should cross? Which are the changes that would give us renewal in our daily relationships? These are some questions we may stumble upon during this time.

At the same time, Venus in the sky makes a new star point in its apparent pentagram; a dance between while Venus is direct and while it’s retrograde. It’s a phenomenon when Venus is in the heart of the Sun (cazimi) like she was today, but this time in its retrograde motion. In the span of eight years, Venus fulfils five cycles with the Sun in the shape of a five- pointed star. The last time Venus was in Gemini and retrograde was in 2012. How many can remember the themes we were dealing with?  For some this time around, Venus may bring a light on those previous years. 

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Venus Retrograde - dealing with the past

Venus retrograde not only means dealing with the past and everything with the verb “re” in it. After all, today Venus begins a new phase; it’s time for its rebirth. During this phase, in which she is not yet seen in the sky, it receives the biggest amount of the Sun’s energy, masculine energy. As such she is indeed a warrior, with a touch of masculinity. If Venus as an evening star represents the woman’s grace, the morning star on the other hand presents itself in more decisive, rebellion fashion.  Some have named her after Lucifer, the light bearer.

A week later, we will once again see Venus on the horizon as a bright morning star. Individuals who have morning star and in particular retrograde Venus in their charts are the change bringers. It’s a rare occurrence, only 30% of people have this unique combination. Quite quickly they become dissatisfied with the set of rules and norms they have to live by. Instead they yearn for something deep and profound, and seek to revolutionise and outgrow the deep rooted values that seem to not hold any meaning to them; creative in their unique and original way.

June not only holds Venus retrograde but also the intense eclipse period. First to appear is already this Friday, appulse lunar eclipse at 15° Sagittarius.  Also, in mid June Mercury will change its direction.

Nevertheless, on a practical level let’s bring forward the meaning of Venus awakened. In Gemini it’s communicative, playful and light-hearted. Focus on the messages, words being exchanged in conversation. What’s more important, to be right or the impact we bring to each other? 

The Sabian symbol for a new Venus Star point at 13° Gemini is “Two people living far apart, in telepathic communication.” What a beautiful message for the times we live in!

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