Annular Eclipse - Image by kaly from Pixabay

Annular Eclipse in Cancer

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Astrology for June

Less than 9 hours after the start of summer, the annular eclipse occurred in the sign of Cancer. It’s the last eclipse in Cancer and at 0° 21’ quite a significant one.  Every zero degree in astrology marks a new beginning, a new door opening, and as such starting a brand new cycle. The symbolism is strong, carrying within it the number 3; an eclipse (an enhanced new moon), cardinal zero degree and the beginning of summer. The cardinal degree intensifies the characteristics of Cancer: nurturing, caring but also protective, insecure and moody.

Within the Cancer archetype this eclipse emphasises our need for emotional security, our connection to our family roots, ancestors and our ability to cope with the inherent family issues, patterns. Are we willing to surpass the outdated family dynamics? Cancer is quite often too loyal to family traditions and the challenge here is to go out and rediscover the authentic self-image that’s unbiased of the family’s imprint. That’s the eclipse calling: How can I be faithful to my legacy, yet be in harmony with a true image of my own making?

Too often we are afraid to show our true self to the outer world and too insecure about what family members are going to say. These are no easy matters and perhaps the answer is in the cardinal principle and in the image of a crab in nature, walking two steps forward and one step backward once the change is too daunting to implement.

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a North Node Eclipse

The eclipse is a North Node Eclipse, meaning we are supported by this eclipse to strive for a new, untrodden path that helps our soul grow and evolve in a way we can’t even imagine yet. Tensions met by Mars and Saturn in the eclipse chart are there to help us overgrow the unresolved dynamics within that prevent us from fully living our potential and legacy.

The Sabian Symbol for an eclipse degree is a Sailor hoisting a new flag to replace an old one.  

What a subtle message to suggest we are ready to face our inner battles and conquer in the end!

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