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Personal Synastry Chart Readings

What is a synastry chart reading?

Synastry is comparing two astrological birth charts to analyze the relationship between two people. By looking at both charts, we can take an in-depth look at how compatible they are.

Who is it for?

Natal chart compatibility is useful for:

  • Marriages
  • Parents and children
  • Friends
  • Business partners or colleagues

In life some people fit together really well, while others have to work harder to get along. However, sometimes it’s not easy to know or understand this on the surface. That is where your astrology chart can play an important role.

You will never be perfectly compatible with everyone, but it doesn’t always mean you shouldn’t be together or work together. A synastry chart reading can help give you insight into how well you fit together. It’s perfect for improving the relationship with your spouse, partner, children or business colleagues. An in-depth analysis of your birth charts helps to see both your compatibility and incompatibility.

A synastry chart reading not only identifies the areas you have in common, but also where you differ. Knowing how the other person ticks can be a path to increasing your tolerance and acceptance towards each other, as well as helping to find what you have in common. This information can be critical for shaping your relationship. Understanding and accepting each other’s differences is an important part of staying together. For marriages and personal relationships it can help strengthen your bond.

Synastry chart readings can also help strengthen the relationship you have with your children or parents.

Similarly, knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses can help determine which areas of business each person is best suited to. This knowledge can ensure your business together is run much more efficiently.

What I need

In order to check your natal chart compatibility, I will need the birth dates, time of birth and place of birth of both people involved.


One Question

Short consultation
  • Ask me one question
  • Based on your chart (s) I will search for the answer
  • A short consultation based on this (max half hour)
  • Online, phone or email

One hour

Full consultation
  • A full one hour chart intepretation
  • An in-depth look at your chart based upon your own personal questions
  • I will study your chart and questions beforehand to prepare for our meeting
  • Online, phone or in person