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Who is this for?

Are you getting married and would like help deciding the best date for the wedding? Or perhaps you are planning to start a family, a business, change jobs or even an entire career and want to find out when you should do this. Astrology can help you choose a date or time that is best for important events and decisions such as this. If the date cannot be changed, then a chart reading can give some insight into what will be happening astrologically at that time.

Best date for a wedding

Getting married is one of the biggest and most important events of our life, but what follows is even more important: your marriage and life together. Choosing the best date, or at least the best time to get married, can ensure you start off on the right foot. Based on your individual charts and consultation with you, I can help find the best time astrologically to set this all important date.

Best time to have children

Deciding to start your own family or have another child is always a difficult decision. When is the best time to have children? I can look at your charts and see when, astrologically, would be the best time for you both to start trying for a child.

Best time to change jobs

Sometimes we face the decision to change jobs or even an entire career. Perhaps you have realised you made the wrong choice of career, are bored or simply feel you have gone as far as you can in your current job and want to change it while you can. Whatever the reason, an astrology chart reading can help you find the right time to embark upon a new and better working life.

Best time to start a business

Starting a new business is always difficult, and involves some risk. There are many things to consider. Choosing the best time to start your business is just one of the difficult decisions you need to make. There are a lot of factors involved in making this choice and an astrology reading can help. I will look at your personal chart or the chart of you and a business partner. We will then discuss what kind of business you are going into and ensure you choose a date or time that avoids any unseen difficulties, or prepare you for them should you not be able to avoid starting at that time.

What I need

In order to check your natal chart I will need the birth dates, time of birth and place of birth of people involved.


One Question

Short consultation
  • Ask me one question
  • Based on your chart (s) I will search for the answer
  • A short consultation based on this (max half hour)
  • Online, phone or email

One hour

Full consultation
  • A full one hour chart intepretation
  • An in-depth look at your chart based upon your own personal questions
  • I will study your chart and questions beforehand to prepare for our meeting
  • Online, phone or in person