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Astrology for children

Understanding your children better

Our children are our most precious gift and as parents raising them is our most important job. We want to do the best we can to ensure they live their life to its full potential. They look to us for guidance and acceptance. Understanding your children is the most important part of this. That’s where astrology for children can really help.

A reading of your child’s natal chart can help you to understand the unique characteristics, talents, challenges and gifts they came into this world with. This knowledge is crucial to helping your child grow and evolve.

Newborns & babies

When our children are born we are filled with a huge mix of emotions: joy, love, fear. Most of all though, we think about what kind of person our child will grow up to be. We have dreams, we imagine how they will grow and what they will become. Our job is to keep them safe, guide them and help them become the adult they want, or are meant to be. Your child's star sign is just the beginning. The exact date and time also determine your child's past, present and future self. Evolutionary astrology is a powerful tool for looking deeper into your child's soul, where it has been in a past life and what it has to do in this life.

Your children

As your children grow we start to see the first signs of their unique traits, talents, interests and moods. Understanding your children at this stage is even more important in order to be a better parent. We need to guide their education, personal development and most importantly ensure their happiness. A natal chart interpretation can help you understand their problems, difficulties, moods, talents and interests. This knowledge means you can make better decisions or help them make better choices in life.

Your Child's Education

Helping your child choose a career path starts with what they should study. If we look into the birth chart we can get an idea of your child's unique traits, talents and interests. It is a powerful tool that can guide their education to ensure they reach their full potential, follow the path that is best, most interesting and compelling for them and most importantly, ensure their happiness and fulfillment.

Family relationship astrology

Your relationship to your children and other members of your family can be a roller-coaster ride sometimes. Understanding your children, parents and siblings through yours and their birth charts can help build a better relationship. When we know why they do the things they do, it can foster acceptance and tolerance. Knowing the family dynamics can bring you closer.

In order to get an accurate reading of your charts, I will need the birth dates, time of birth and place of birth of all people involved.


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One hour

Full consultation
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