Full Moon in Pisces

Full moon in pisces

Astrologically intense months

We are entering two astrologically intense months. It began with a full moon in the subtle sign of Pisces. Since yesterday we have been under the influence of Neptune who blurs and lowers our vitality and our eagerness for work. Each full moon embodies the opposites, polarity. In Virgo we are driven to work, make our new projects come alive again. On the other hand is Pisces. Pisces knows no time and space, its energy just flows like water.

Not surprisingly, we begin this month internally divided. For some it was a challenge to start working again, or there’s no real working zest to begin something we ordinarily love doing. But that’s not the end. Mars, the planet of our actions and assertiveness, is slowly stopping and gearing for the next retrograde next week. Frustration is rising between what we want to achieve confidentially on the outside versus what’s being shut in front of our eyes. And it will only get worse.

Choose your battles

Therefore, let’s choose our internal battles well and rethink their consequences. Mars is direct, confrontational, never sees past its actions. Our actions and consequences do matter nonetheless. With aspect to Pluto (power, abuse of power), Saturn (authority) and Venus (relationships) the biggest lesson Mars has to offer is patience. On a collective level, it shows how the desire to have the upper hand is increasingly overpowering our relationships.

Divisions and frictions are mounting; who is right and who is wrong? But nobody wins! How to navigate through these times? Make an internal plan and set our internal compass to the direction we are heading. As above, so below. Nothing happens randomly. At the moment we have six planets retrograde and soon Mars will join as well. The planets are teaching us how to build and train our muscles. The right time will come when we can show our true, authentic power.

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The Sabian symbol for the full moon: people travelling a narrow path, seeking illumination.

Keywords to ponder:

  • Having a path, regardless of what comes across.
  • High ideals.
  • Staying focused no matter what.
  • Spiritual journey, light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Caution: disillusionment, no real goal.
  • Confusion where you are going.
  • Over spiritualisation.
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