Nika Middleton

Psychological & Evolutionary


I cannot predict your future
but I can help shape it

Hi! I'm

Nika Middleton

A Psychological and Evolutionary Astrologer based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

I offer astrological counselling based on your birth data. Astrology has always been my great passion and deep interest. I started studying Psychological Astrology and then moved on to Evolutionary Astrology, following the teachings of the Founder of this alternative branch of astrology: Jeffrey Wolf Green. Evolutionary Astrology allows us to understand ourselves through the development of our soul, and how to recognize and realize the purpose of your current life.

Advantages of astrological counseling

Sometimes we all need insight and encouragement when faced with important life decisions and milestones. Astrology is a symbolic language and a powerful tool to help clarify current problems and challenges. The most important virtue of astrology is that it empowers people to overcome obstacles with their inner strength and growth. When we understand and accept our current situation, we can create our present and future from here on out. As an evolutionary astrologer I can also give you a deeper insight into your soul, it’s past, present and possible future.

Astrological counselling is multi-layered and intended for:


interpretation of the natal chart and counselling based on your wishes.

families, marriages, partnerships and business relationships

Synastry chart readings can offer great insight into your relationships and help you understand each other better, build a stronger bond and overcome difficulties.


Insight into their unique gifts, talents, abilities, characteristics and counselling from birth to adolescence.

I offer readings in person or online

Personal life

Realise your potential or that of your children’s through your natal chart. I offer insightful readings based upon your questions. What do you want to know about your life? Perhaps you are having difficulties or feel stuck in your life and want to know why. Are you faced with an important life decision and need some guidance? Understanding what is happening in your chart can help.

Starting a business or planning an event?

I can help you decide the best time to do this, or if the date is fixed give you some insight into what will be happening astrologically at that time.

My blog

In my blog I give insights into current astrological events and how they will affect us all generally.